Fire red coloured, like the Etna’s lava


With notes of citrus and orange blossom flowers


Made with local ingredients


ETNA BITTER is a classic bitter with a typically Sicilian soul and accent, made with local ingredients, that mark primates of excellence and quality. Fire red coloured, like the Etna’s lava.
Herbaceous and spicy smell, with notes of citrus and orange blossom flowers. Balsamic, it is peculiar because a bitter aftertaste that persists a lot in the
mouth. The alcoholic part is well balanced so as not to be hide by the flavors and aromas that define it. ETNA BITTER is a new product but also remains
faithful to tradition, it is an indispensable ally in bartending, to create cocktails in which a bitter, citrus and fragrant part stands out, to give new life and a very specific character, to the great classics.


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    ETNA BITTER is suitable for drink in many forms: a non-trivial Spritz, a Sicilian Negroni, an Americano with Mediterranean scents. Or simply on the rocks with ice, soda water and an orange slice to enhance the ingredients that make it unique. Finally ETNA BITTER is a resource for mixologists who want to experiment without ever falling into usual and banality.

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