Beautiful botanics, denies anonymity


The character of a volcano enclosed in an authentic product

The centre of attention

The life and soul of the party that doesn’t go unacknowledged


The result of unique contrasts and mineral landscapes, delicate botanics and legends dating back millennia, ETNEUM is a volcanic premium gin produced in small quantities from grain alcohol, juniper distillate, natural aromas, wild Sicilian flowers, and Sicilian citrus fruits including lemon and bergamot. ETNEUM transforms the character of the most active volcano in Europe into an authentic product primed for mixology. The twist that makes all the difference to the great classics, that gives vigour to experimentation. Elegant, aromatic, generous and bursting with energy, ETNEUM proffers its strength to create mixes that make a mark, deny anonymity and assert their character.A gin that is the centre of attention, the life and soul of the party, where sipping on a superior drink is an inescapable prerogative, a necessary act.


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    Gently powerful

    A product that extols the immense strength our land gives us. Extremely aromatic on the nose and delicate on the palate this is a dry gin whose alcoholic notes melt with the botanics. Aromas are its main characteristic. Taking you aback from the get-go with the gently powerful strength of the fragrances.

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      75 cl

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